26 Apr

this book is about a girl called rose Hathaway and her schooling at st valdameirs school  the one am currently reading is shadow kiss there has been a attack on the school the enemy the the stroig have come broke in and taken people including one of her friends Eddie now her best freind is lisa a mori she has a telepathic contraction to rose but also lisa has helling powers  she has to stay behind while her best freind gose and saves there mate but there is somehting at stake rose has to chosse her lover dimitri belikov  or her best freind 

as a result from the last book rose lost her boyfriend mason but in this book who will lose there life cause of one girls desion 


in this book they are all vampies i would rate this book ***** out of 5 it is a brillant book whith many a good cifhanger  my faviorte  chareta is christan lisa boy friend he is funney yet sentertvie i hpe you enjouyed my post 


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