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19 Dec

no this is no book it is a manga book and an anime there are two types of  hetalia the axis power and wrold seris now this includes all the countries of the world as people with there own personalty for exmaple i’m like prussia he is awsome and a good fighter but he also can be an idot his best friend is canda and he hates hunry and norway 

now for all you people who hate reading normal books this one is for you i would rate this book 5/5 becasue it is really fuuny and that 


the fear

17 Dec

the fear is the 3rd book in this tail it is about a sickness spreads thought the whole of England and that dognut and his pals must go around to find all the people who can help to stop this and by the way did i say that this sickness affects every one 16 and over so whole family’s can turn into zombies 

i think i would rate this book 5/5 because it has every thing you could want action romance and of course the best thing in the world was gore 

i would say my favorite person was Clare she was brave a good fighter but awesome at the same time . so if you want to read this book go to any really good book store =] by Dulcinea