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pride and prejudice

15 Oct

is a novelist with an extremely narrow focus that extends, surprisingly, into a wide range of concerns. Her books can be viewed most simply as eerily good romance novels, more broadly as sharp critiques of nineteenth-century vanity, cruelty and folly, and–broadest of all–as an indictment of a social system and economic system dedicated to the marginalization and commodification of a full half of the human experience.

This is the important point to remember about classic literature–the reason why it even became classic in the first place: classic works can be read simply because they’re enjoyable to read, simply because when truth and insight are added to fiendish complexity of plot and a strong capacity for wit, the results are rarely dry fodder for academics. The results are faithful, engrossing portraits of life: satisfying even in their narrowness, ultimately satisfying perhaps because of their narrowness.


Jane Eyre

27 Mar
Jane Eyre is the rare book that manages to be good by virtue of ineffable charm alone, despite not having very much going for it in terms of overall plot.
There is something more going on in Jane Eyre than mere charm, true, something authentically powerful–if, as will be see, brief. But the power of Jane Eyrehas less to do with the conflict of great forces that typifies great works of literature, and more to do with the subtle irritation of a delayed resolution to its most important episode. Instead of a race between values through the people who represent those values, Jane Eyre tasks us with a race to turn its pages and find out its secrets–still a race, but a race whose victory, barring the boredom of the reader, is assured.As a narrator, Jane is ideal: objective enough to provide us with a good account of events, outspoken enough to bump the plot along whenever it needs bumping, and virtuous enough never to frustrate our expectations. Often enough, our viewpoint is hers; only we’re not quite so witty and we’re without quite so apt an eye for injustice–again making Jane, in page-after-page of her revelations, a delight to read. The novel’s rhetoric is also inventive, accomplishing its routine narrative tasks via devices more elaborate than are probably necessary, yet with something fresh about each. 

Jane’s attempt to chide herself into abandoning her interest in her brooding employer, Edward Rochester, takes the form of a contest between two mental pictures, and the inevitable attempt by Rochester to coax out Jane’s feelings involves an elaborate and well-detailed ruse involving disguises and a gypsy fortuneteller. The book, and its narrator, both definitely have charm: we like Jane, we like what she says, and i want to see what she will say next.

copying with (exams and tests) by peter coray

25 Feb

this book is about how 2 cope with exams and tests in a joke like how to revise easy dont sleep for 6 weeks strange and panifull rexlaning ways i think this book is very funney and it shows you want you want to see in how to cope in a good way but as a joke my favortie part was the A-Z of the eductional world

 i would rate this book 5/5 its fun and makes me laugh


19 Dec

no this is no book it is a manga book and an anime there are two types of  hetalia the axis power and wrold seris now this includes all the countries of the world as people with there own personalty for exmaple i’m like prussia he is awsome and a good fighter but he also can be an idot his best friend is canda and he hates hunry and norway 

now for all you people who hate reading normal books this one is for you i would rate this book 5/5 becasue it is really fuuny and that 

the fear

17 Dec

the fear is the 3rd book in this tail it is about a sickness spreads thought the whole of England and that dognut and his pals must go around to find all the people who can help to stop this and by the way did i say that this sickness affects every one 16 and over so whole family’s can turn into zombies 

i think i would rate this book 5/5 because it has every thing you could want action romance and of course the best thing in the world was gore 

i would say my favorite person was Clare she was brave a good fighter but awesome at the same time . so if you want to read this book go to any really good book store =] by Dulcinea 

the help

13 Nov

this book is about Jackson missispi in the 60s about three people two maids called Minny and Abilene also skeeter the two maids are caught in a rascit town that think basicly all black people are dirt but skeeter wants to help so she writes a book called the help about all the maids this book is full of everything you could want in a book i think my favorite person is minny cause she makes me laugh alot 


i would rate this book 5/5 because it has alot of heart warming times


26 Apr

this book is about a girl called rose Hathaway and her schooling at st valdameirs school  the one am currently reading is shadow kiss there has been a attack on the school the enemy the the stroig have come broke in and taken people including one of her friends Eddie now her best freind is lisa a mori she has a telepathic contraction to rose but also lisa has helling powers  she has to stay behind while her best freind gose and saves there mate but there is somehting at stake rose has to chosse her lover dimitri belikov  or her best freind 

as a result from the last book rose lost her boyfriend mason but in this book who will lose there life cause of one girls desion 


in this book they are all vampies i would rate this book ***** out of 5 it is a brillant book whith many a good cifhanger  my faviorte  chareta is christan lisa boy friend he is funney yet sentertvie i hpe you enjouyed my post